"Helping Transform your Spine into a Living
Work of Art." - Dr. Paul E. Frame, D.C.

Why Chiropractic?

Chiropractic care is a non-drug approach to healthcare. It is concerned with the correct relationship between the nervous system and your skeletal system. Your nervous system consists of the brain and its connection to the spinal cord, then to the spinal nerves and eventually to every cell in your body. Your nervous system is responsible for life itself. The skeletal system helps support the organs and muscles of your body and also surrounds and protects your nervous system. When the skeletal system is in proper alignment it allows the nervous system to do what it does best which is keeping you alive and healthy. Chiropractic care helps keep your skeletal system in alignment allowing the nervous system to do its job.

The skeletal system consists of the skull, 7 vertebrae of the neck, 12 vertebrae of the mid-back including 12 sets of ribs, 5 vertebrae of the low back, 3 bones of the pelvis (sacrum and 2 ilium), lower and upper extremity bones and all other bones of the body. Research demonstrates misalignments of these bones may lead to:

  • Improper Posture
  • Uncoordinated body movement resulting in possible injuries
  • Muscle tightness, spasm and pain
  • Arthritis from long standing misalignments
  • Pain from nerve impingement
  • Decreased organ function

Think of the analogy of the healthy garden and its water supply and compare it to a healthy body and its nerve supply. If you step on a garden hose there is less water to the garden and it begins to die. The same thing happens in our bodies. If a misaligned vertebrae puts pressure on the nerve it normally protects, the connection between the brain and that part of the body diminishes and it becomes less healthy.

Bone misalignments can be caused by improper posture, falls/injuries from birth to the present, sports injuries, car accidents, work injuries, hereditary factors, pronated/flat feet and other factors.

I assess your body with a thorough exam, x-rays if needed and make a plan to address your current health issues. My plan addresses decreasing skeletal misalignments so that your nervous system is in the position to keep you as healthy as possible.

Call today for an appointment and I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Paul E. Frame, D.C.